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Red Bobble ~ Patty Pan Purple

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Red Bobble ~ Patty Pan Purple
Our price: $4.00 including GST
We are thrilled to introduce Victorian company Red Bobble to our store. With memories of her own red bobbles from childhood creator Louise decided to bring them to us all. They are all hand tied and measure 10cm from bobble to bobble so perfect for all hair types.

Red Bobble was inspired from days before, when crimped hair and hair spray went hand in hand and pony tails were adorned with balls of colour. Brightly coloured bobbled balls!
So to bring back this old favourite that will have many of us reminicing our own pony tail wares, Red Bobble has released them back into the world in 8 delightful colours.
The classic red, where it all began, is aptly named Red Bobble Heart, because you'll just fall in love with them.
Musk Stick Pink, Gum Ball Green, Yellow Brick Road, Blue Light Disco, Top Hat Black, Patty Pan Purple and Orange Fanta Grin make up the rest of the gang.
Sure to delight old and new fans with their beautiful colours and compliment any outfit, you won't be disapointed with your modern day bobbles. Hand tied and lovingly packed one at a time, these bobbles will see a new day in this next generation of pony tail swingers.

One Patty Pan Purple Bobble.

Please take care these are a choking hazard for small children. They may look like lollies however should never be put in your mouth!
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